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5 thousand people are evacuated due to the active volcano in the Canary Islands

More than 21 thousand earthquakes have occurred in the last week. La PalmaIt was reported that Cumbre Vieja (Old Peak) volcano started to operate from 15:10 local time in .

Canary Islands In a statement made by the authorities of the autonomous administration, it was stated that 327 earthquakes occurred in La Palma today and flames started to erupt from the 5 mouths of the volcano.

Prime Minister Sanchez went to the region

On the other hand, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that he postponed his visit to the United States to attend the 76th General Assembly of the United Nations.

Sanchez, in his post on his Twitter account, noted that he “went to La Palma to see the works first hand”.

Evacuation of 5 thousand people started

In the news given by the Spanish press, based on local sources, it was noted that about 5 thousand people in some settlements around the volcano, such as El Paso, Tazacorte, Los Llanos de Aridane, El Paraiso and Alcala, started to be evacuated through the work carried out by the gendarmerie.

It was shared that approximately 1400 people gathered in the football field in the region in El Paso.

It was reported that the ash and lava coming out of the 5 mouths of the volcano began to harm the environment, and the lava was moving towards the houses.

It was stated that around 200 reinforcement teams were sent by helicopters for the support in La Palma, and 64 soldiers participated in the work.

Respiratory risk warning from authorities

Authorities announced that the people in the region were warned of the possible respiratory risk due to the gases released from the eruptions in the volcano.

Experts predicted that the volcano will continue to be active in the coming days.

The yellow alarm applied on the island during the earthquakes was turned into a red alarm when the volcano became active.

The last volcanic eruption in Spain was in 1971, at Teneguia volcano, south of La Palma Island.

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