World462 houses burned in one week due to lava on La Palma...

462 houses burned in one week due to lava on La Palma Island

According to the data of the European Space Agency’s ground observation system Copernicus, the lava traveled 16.4 kilometers in a week, causing the burning of 462 houses in an area of ​​212 hectares, as well as more than 40 warehouses and barns used for livestock and agriculture.

The lava flowing even faster after the break in the main mouth of the volcano two days ago also caused the burning of the Todoque Church on the slope.

It was recorded that the lava output decreased in some parts of the volcano, and the lava, which traveled 2.5 kilometers in the southern part, where the flow was most intense, was advancing at a speed of 30 meters per hour.

Nearly 6,000 people evacuated from their homes in La Palma still remain in the hotels, gyms, garages and other island residents’ homes.

Education and training continues to be suspended in 3 districts on the island.

Lava and ash affected 1200 hectares

Lava and ashes erupting from the eruptions of the volcano have affected more than 1200 hectares of agricultural land so far, and it is stated that there are serious damages to the banana trees, which are the main source of income of the island.

More than 1000 people are on duty for aid and control work on the island, which is also supported by the soldiers.

In the meantime, it was shared that a campaign was launched across the country to help the victims on La Palma Island, and the Spaniards showed great solidarity.

Flights started at the airport

It was reported that the runway at the airport, which was closed on September 24 and 25, was opened to flights, albeit limited, after it was cleared of ashes.

Reminding that a volcano has become active for the first time in 50 years in La Palma, experts predict that the eruptions in Cumbre Vieja will continue for a few more months.

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