India44 call housewife's phone; Police have called 20 people and the...

44 call housewife’s phone; Police have called 20 people and the investigation is continuing


  • The incident of harassing the housewife by calling her on the phone.
  • Police have intensified the investigation.
  • It was found that 44 people had called the phone number.

Kottayam: The police have intensified their investigation into the incident of harassing a housewife by calling her on her phone. It was found that 44 people had called the housewife’s phone number. News18 Kerala reported that the investigation found that only 24 numbers were working.

Incident of spreading housewife’s number in the name of sex worker: CM says strict action
Of the 44 people who called the housewife, 20 were called by the police yesterday. Police are yet to release further details about the investigation. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had yesterday stated that stern action would be taken in the incident where the mobile phone number of the housewife was spread. The housewife’s complaint will be dealt with promptly. The CM said in a Facebook post that the culprits will be found and brought to justice.

The mobile phone number of the housewife, a native of Wakathanam, Changanassery, Kottayam, was spread by some on social media. They said the number was constantly written on the phone, including in public toilets, in the name of a sex worker. He lodged a complaint with the police but there was no positive response. The housewife clarified that the police had suggested changing the phone number.

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The culprits will be identified and brought to justice through strong action. Those who carry out such vicious attacks on women are grossly anti-social. The CM had said that the police would fulfill their responsibility to punish them severely. The housewife lives with her four children as her husband has abandoned her.

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