World3rd Photo Safari and Outdoor Sports Festival has started in Çukurca

3rd Photo Safari and Outdoor Sports Festival has started in Çukurca

The district, where an atmosphere of peace and security was established as a result of the successful operations of the security forces against the terrorist organization PKK, is hosting the festival.

Approximately 300 nature lovers from different provinces participated in the organization organized in cooperation with Çukurca Municipality, District Governorate, Governorship, Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports and Eastern Anatolia Development Agency. photographer, athlete and mountaineer.

Governor and Deputy Mayor İdris Akbıyık started the bicycle race held in the village of Geçimli, 35 kilometers from the city, as part of the events. 21 cyclists participating in the race sweated to be ranked.

“There is a Hakkari that has become the address of peace and trust”

Speaking at the award ceremony on Cumhuriyet Street, Akbıyık said that such events contribute to the promotion of the city.

Emphasizing that Hakkari is in a better position in every field compared to the past, Akbıyık said:

“There is Hakkari, which has become the address of peace and trust. Hakkari is experiencing the most peaceful period in history, receiving the highest investments in terms of public investments. We have just visited Çukurca. Dozens of services have been provided. The ‘Zap’ brand, which we have highlighted in the past years, is on its way to becoming a brand district. Peace and security are paramount. Thank God, we have an atmosphere of peace with the will and determination of our President, our ministers, the effort of the Republic of Turkey, our army, our gendarmerie, our police, our security forces, and the great support of our people. Festivals, fairs, symposiums “Hakkari is now on its way to becoming a city of festivals. Hakkari will stand out with nature, winter and mountain sports, and mountain and winter tourism.”

“We are living the beauties of our geography”

District Governor Hasan Kurt stated that the city is now coming to the fore with nature sports and natural beauties, not terrorism.

Expressing that the district has become known with the tourists it hosts, Kurt said, “The strong will of our state gives very good results in our city. This festival is one of them. We are pleased to welcome our guests. We receive good feedback about the event and everyone who comes here likes it very much.” he said.

Mayor Ensar Dündar stated that they are pleased to be together for sports and cultural activities and said, “Today, we are living the beauty of our nature and geography in peace and security. Our present and future will be more beautiful as we get together with our state as a nation.” used his statements.

Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Brigadier General Ahmet Kavukçu, Provincial Police Chief Salavat Mete Pınar, political party representatives, corporate leaders, athletes and citizens attended the ceremony.

Photography enthusiasts, who came to the district as part of the event, viewed daily life, historical buildings, water mills where tahini production is made, natural beauties, and the harvest in the paddy and sesame fields.

During the three-day festival, activities such as paramotor, canoeing, rafting, trekking, rock climbing, paragliding and kite festival are planned.

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