India'35 States in India '; Education Minister with explanation after troll

’35 States in India ‘; Education Minister with explanation after troll


  • Mocking on social media against the minister
  • Shivankutty explained
  • The tongue is human nature

Thiruvananthapuram: Minister Sivankutty has clarified that the Education Minister’s remark that there are 35 states in India has led to a lot of ridicule. The minister said that tongue-lashing can happen to anyone and that he himself had made such a mistake. He added that the tongue is human.

The minister made the controversial remarks while announcing the necessary guidelines for reopening schools in the state after the Covid 19 lockdown. The minister made the mistake of stating the number of states in the country where schools have already been opened. During a press conference, the minister asked officials whether there are 35 states in India. However, the minister reiterated that schools were open in 23 states across the country. But the joke on social media was that the education minister did not even know how many states there are in the country.

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However, Sivankutty said that the tongue-in-cheek was humane and that the reason for the campaign against him was the resentment and animosity over the closure of Nemte’s BJP account. Tongue sticking happens to everyone. This is very human nature. If those who criticize are happy, let them rejoice. The minister said he was not wasting time replying to them. He said the BJP was angry with Nemte for closing his account.

The minister said there was overwhelming support for the opening of schools in the state and concerns had changed with the release of the new guidelines. He said that after all these preparations, Kerala is the first state to open schools. The minister was responding to media queries regarding the mockery of the controversy.

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Many likened V Sivankutty to Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan and EP Jayarajan who had gone through a similar situation before. Former Education Minister Abdu Rabb also came out against Sivankutty after criticism was raised that he saw the ignorance of the minister at the press conference. Abdu Rabb, who is also the leader of the Muslim League, said in a Facebook post that the names of 28 states and 8 Union Territories in India are given below. The name of the Minister of Education was not mentioned in the shared post saying that it would be useful for anyone. A map of India is also included in the post. Youth League leader PK Feroz also mocked the education minister’s remark. Feroz Shivankutty shared a video saying that if it was Abdu Rabb, there would have been a sale.

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