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3 reasons why Messi star cannot sparkle in the city of light Paris

Appearing in the “City of Light Paris” to the surprise of football fans, Lionel Messi is expected to bring the titles and glory that the rich French man has been looking for for a long time. But, who knows in advance, “El Pulga” – a football genius, despite having spent nearly half of the first season in the continent, is still lost in rhythm, struggling to find the glory again. .

Messi cannot shine brightly at PSG

Unexpected ups and downs

In fact, the fact that the M10 before and now the M30 started slowly is not something too strange for those who are fans of Messi. Remember the last season playing for Barcelona in La Liga, after the opening 6 matches, Messi had only one goal and that was the goal of scoring the opponent’s goal from the penalty spot. However, Messi accelerated tremendously, by the end of the season, he was in first place on the list of top scorers winning Pichichi (the title given to the player who scored the most goals of the season of La Liga). ). Messi scored 25 goals, 4 more than the second ranked person, Karim Benzema of Real Madrid. But remember, Messi’s series of matches only stopped at 6, and it only took place at the beginning of the season as mentioned. Now, in the new football environment of Ligue 1, when the tournament has passed half of the way, by the time this video clip was posted, more than 776 minutes have been present on the field of “The reigning Golden Ball in the World” Only 1 goal. Yes, only 1 goal and 4 assists, a very modest number when looking at the reputation of a top star like Messi.

According to the page’s statistics Sofascore, in the last 5 matches Messi played all 90 minutes, he hit an average of 3.9 shots per game, the probability of hitting the goal is 25.7%, this rate is much lower than the last season he played. for Barcelona, ​​when on average each game Messi has 4.8 shots and the probability of hitting the target is up to 45.8%. In addition, the free kicks outside the penalty area, which are considered Messi’s trademarks, are also significantly less effective. After 9 free kicks Messi has taken this season, the number of goals he brings is…no goals at all!

However, when he stepped onto the continental playground, Messi showed a completely opposite face from his performance in the domestic playground. After 5 appearances and playing fully for more than 90 minutes each, although PSG are in the same group with unpleasant opponents like Manchester City, RB Leipzig, Messi also has 5 goals for himself, averaging 1 shot. ,3 times and created 3 scoring opportunities for teammates per game, is the face with the highest score in PSG’s star lineup.

The display of two opposite faces in the two Ligue 1 and Champions League shows Messi’s fluctuating performance and fans of the French capital team have the right to question whether Messi really burns in every game. the match, or in other words, is Messi really inspired in the French national championship?

Messi runs more than before, but so not yet enough

“Natural talent” is a phrase that people often comment on Messi, that comment inadvertently negates his efforts. Many people also have the feeling that Messi is a lazy player who does not support his teammates when he loses the ball. To break that bad impression, since joining PSG, Messi has been trying to run, his whole match distance compared to when he was at the old team has increased a lot. Mr. Quique Setien, former Barca coach commented: “In Paris, Messi played much more actively than in his years at Barcelona. Jobs frequency move on the grass Messi’s increase by 1/3 compared to his time in Spain clearly shows his effort since moving to a new environment“.

However, looking at Messi’s performance, the former Barcelona captain’s comment is not really accurate. Since the arrival of the Argentine superstar, coach Pochettino has regularly used a 4-3-3 formation at PSG, requiring his players to press and support the defense when losing the ball at a distance. very high tempo. In the Champions League group stage, when he met a strong opponent, such as Manchester City, Messi’s weakness was immediately revealed. During the long period of the second half, fans witnessed many times the image of Messi superficially pressing and even walking on the field. With the condition of a 34-year-old man, Messi tries a lot but … “the age it chases away”.


Neymar, Mbappe are still at PSG, Messi is not the nucleus main

Eager and waiting for the combination of the MMN trio is the general mood of the fans when Messi signs a contract to play for PSG. However, a fact that many people have to admit is that sometimes, the presence of three outstanding stars on the field at the same time is part of the reason for the less convincing football of the capital team.

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The trio of MMN can’t dominate European football yet

Neymar, Messi and Mbappe, everyone understands that they have the best individual skills in the world, but the truth that comes with outstanding skills is the “ego” in each of them. The math is that all three stars combine effectively and still have individual identities, which is difficult to solve. While Messi often tends to play on the right wing, go into the middle and then coordinate with teammates in the penalty area, Neymar and Mbappe tend to play to the left, they go to the ball, play close. each other, creating a pair that is difficult to catch PSG’s cards. The closeness on the pitch between these two individuals inadvertently made Messi’s integration slower and more difficult.

Neymar – who played with Messi at Barcelona from 2013 to 2017 is expected to combine well with Messi but we forgot one thing that in the summer of 2017, it was Neymar who wanted to leave, the biggest purpose is to get rid of the shadow of the man wearing the number 10 shirt of Barca. Currently, the Brazilian player still holds the record as the person with the highest transfer value in the world and whether he likes it or not, Messi has to accept that Neymar is now in a very different mood when playing for Barca.

Meanwhile, the remaining star on PSG’s attack – Mbappe, although only has half a year left on his contract with the club, long ago president Nasser Al-Khelaifi has affirmed that Mbappe is the symbol of the club. In 2018, in an answer to a press conference, he once affirmed: “Want a figure on Mbappe’s worth? About 1 billion euros! Yes, I say exactly 1 billion euros. And if you give me 1 billion euros, I won’t sell Mbappe.

Those are not fancy words. Because Mbappe is a prolific attacking star and will contribute his ability at the top level in about 10 years. Every team needs a big and young player like Mbappe. No matter how famous Messi is, when Neymar and Mbappe are still at PSG, it is still difficult for M30 to become the brightest star in Paris – the capital of light.