World3 major earthquakes on Mars, NASA's InSight lander got tremors for one...

3 major earthquakes on Mars, NASA’s InSight lander got tremors for one and a half hours


  • US Space Agency’s lander got a big success on Mars
  • InSight Lander detected three major earthquake tremors
  • The highest 4.2 magnitude tremor lasted for one and a half hours.
  • Recently NASA’s lander can remove dust from the solar panel

Just a few days ago, the US Space Agency NASA’s InSight lander completed 1000 days on Mars. The day was even more special as InSight detected the largest and longest ‘earthquakes’ on Mars. The intensity of these aftershocks was 4.2 and they lasted for about one and a half hours. InSight has detected this third earthquake in a month. Earlier also a 4.2 and another 4.1 magnitude earthquake had hit here.

According to NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, the task of this mission is to study the seismic wave to gather internal information about Mars. These waves travel inside Mars and keep changing as they pass through different layers. With this, scientists are able to find out what is really inside. Scientists are gathering important information about the planet by studying the earthquake in August.

Mars is trembling due to earthquake tremors, know what NASA’s InSight Mars Lander found out?
Where did the earthquake originate?
They are still trying to find out what was the source of the earthquake and in which direction the seismic waves were moving. It may have come from Cerberus Fossae, which is about 1609 kilometers away from the lander. It is believed that the lava must have flowed out here millions of years ago. There is also a possibility that it may have come from Valles Marineris, about 9700 km away. It is a huge canyon system.

Interestingly, the earlier earthquakes were different. The vibrations of one were slow and of low frequency while those of the other were of higher and higher frequency. Such different observations will help scientists gather as much information as possible about Mars.

navbharat timesNASA’s lander InSight, counting its last breaths on Mars, will break prematurely?
work started by removing dust
At the same time, the InSight lander was swinging between life and death till some time ago. Actually, dust had accumulated on it, due to which its solar panels were not able to generate much energy. At this time, Mars is also away from the sun, due to which it was believed at one time that the mission may have to end before the year 2022.

However, scientists removed the dust from the solar panel by slightly moving its robotic arm, and the energy stability was observed. After all, the lander has given a big success to its mission by finding three earthquakes in a month.

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InSight on Mars

InSight on Mars


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