World3 awards to AA in the Media Competition Awarded by the Kayseri...

3 awards to AA in the Media Competition Awarded by the Kayseri Journalists’ Association

At the ceremony held at the Erciyes Congress Center, AA correspondent Ergün Haktanıyan won the first prize in photography, Murat Asil the first prize in the written news category, and the Müzahim Zahid Tüzün the second prize in the research-analysis interview category.

Gizem Atabay from Channel 38 in visual news, Erhan Kan from Newspaper Kayseri in sports news, Muhammed Kösedağ from Kayseri Anadolu Haber in design, Samed Aydın Sun from Gerçek Haber in interview-research and analysis, Tuba from TV 1 in TV news programming. Çalapverdi came first. Selma Kara from Kayseri Anadolu Haber newspaper was given the “Veli Altınkaya Special Award” by the decision of the jury for her works on the Press Museum.

The awards were presented to the winners by the members of the protocol.

KGC President Metin Kösedağ, in his speech at the ceremony, reminded that former KGC President Veli Altınkaya died due to the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19), and said that they commemorated him with mercy.

Stating that they see Erciyes University Faculty of Communication as a stakeholder institution in every platform, Kösedağ emphasized that they pay attention to cooperation in order to include the contributions of the academy in their studies.

Kösedağ stated that the competition is one of these collaborations and said:

“The Kayseri Journalists Association Veli Altınkaya Press Museum, which we have been working on for two years, is perhaps the most valuable of these works. On the other hand, the training program that we will announce in mid-August, in which the Kayseri Medical Chamber is a stakeholder as well as the Faculty of Communication, is one of our projects. Kayseri Journalists Association I have to express that we always prioritize the guidance of science and academia, as well as field experience, and therefore we wish for the continuation of such collaborations. Today, I heartily congratulate my colleagues and journalist candidates who are entitled to receive awards and wish them continued success.”

MHP Deputy Chairman İsmail Özdemir also referred to the forest fires and said, “They think they can bring Turkey to its knees with forest fires.” said.

Stating that those who try to kill innocent babies in swaddling are targeting the forests with the same cruelty, Özdemir said that the greening of the forests will also begin, stronger than before.

Emphasizing the importance of the press, Özdemir pointed out that there was a serious decrease in the number of newspapers operating in 2011-2020, according to TUIK data.

Pointing out that the use of the Internet has increased, Özdemir said, “Internet users are more than 75 percent of our population. We observe that internet media is being used more frequently in reaching news. In 2021, the number of social media users in our country was more than 60 million, in 2020 this figure was 54 million.” he said.

Özdemir noted that some countries carry out black propaganda on the internet and social media with the 5th column activity in Turkey.

Expressing that there is a need for legal regulation for media organizations that receive assistance in this regard, Özdemir stated that in this sense, MHP will support the parliamentary work in accordance with the spirit of the People’s Alliance.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Memduh Büyükkılıç said that the forest fire in Yahyalı district was extinguished.

Büyükkılıç thanked those who participated in the extinguishing efforts and stated that the fire, which did not cause any loss of life, caused damage.

Expressing that the media promotes Kayseri positively on every platform, Büyükkılıç thanked the press staff and congratulated the award recipients.

On the other hand, at the Süleyman Çetinsaya Media Awards Ceremony held at the same place, the winners were given their awards by the protocol members.

Governor Şehmus Günaydın, AK Party Kayseri deputies Taner Yıldız and İsmail Emrah Karayel, MHP Kayseri Deputy Baki Ersoy, Erciyes University Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Çalış, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Nadir Çelik, Talas Mayor Mustafa Yalçın, Kayseri Commodity Exchange Chairman Recep Bağmış, MHP Provincial Chairman Serkan Tok, businessman Süleyman Çetinsaya and many guests attended.

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