World25 killed in explosion at illegal oil refinery in Nigeria

25 killed in explosion at illegal oil refinery in Nigeria

Ifeanyi Omano, an official for the Rumuekpe region of Rivers province, told local media that an explosion occurred at the illegal oil refinery in Rumuekpe.

Stating that at least 25 people, including children, died in the explosion, Omano noted that many people were injured and he feared that the death toll would increase.

Stating that the injured were taken to the surrounding hospitals, Omano shared the information that dozens of houses were also destroyed in the explosion.

Pointing out that the operation of an illegal oil refinery in the region is alarming, Omano called for the government to urgently respond to such situations.

Nigeria, which ranks 8th among the countries with the largest oil reserves in the world, is experiencing a decrease in oil revenues due to the events such as sabotage by armed groups in oil fields, illegal oil refineries, conflicts and kidnappings in the region, as well as technical inadequacies and lack of materials in the Rivers and Delta region.

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