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24 Chinese military machines infiltrated Taiwan’s air defense identification zone in 1 day

The first infiltration consisted of 19 aircraft, including 12 J-16 multirole fighters, 2 Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft, 2 H-6 bombers, 1 Y-8 electronic warfare aircraft and two J-11 fighter jets.
All of these aircraft were discovered southwest of Taiwan, near the Dongsha Islands.

The second infiltration in the evening included 5 aircraft, including 2 J-16 multirole fighters, 1 KJ-500 early warning aircraft and 2 J-11 fighter jets.

Images of Chinese planes entering Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) recorded by Taiwan’s Defense Agency.

Screenshot of Taiwan Defense Agency Twitter

Taiwan has deployed many aircraft to monitor Chinese aircraft, radio warning and mobilize many air defense assets.
Some experts have suggested that China’s deployment of the aircraft could be a response to Taiwan’s annual Han Guang exercise last week. The content of the exercise included emergency take-offs and landings of military aircraft.

Watch Taiwanese fighter jets land on the highway during the island-holding exercise


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