World2 people caught trying to attack family health center workers in Şanlıurfa

2 people caught trying to attack family health center workers in Şanlıurfa

Coming to Nihat Demirelli Family Health Center in Eyyübiye district, İ.A. and KA allegedly wanted to prescribe medication for their relatives.

After the discussion with the doctors’ negative response to the request, İ.A. with KA removed from the center. Police were asked for help after the people in question went into a frenzy and punched the doors and windows of the centre.

The police team, who came to the scene, identified İ.A. and detained K.A.

In the meantime, the images taken by the staff at the center with their mobile phones include the moment of the cousins ​​banging on the doors and windows.

Health Minister Husband: We never have tolerance

In a statement on his Twitter account, Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca stated that most of the violence in health is not reflected in the media and said, “The White Code application is rarely used. An expression that is not seen in the world is often the headline of the news, ‘Violence in health.’ “We experienced a new example in a family practice in Şanlıurfa. We have no tolerance. Necessary will be done.” used the phrase.

Investigation and condemnation from the governorship

In the statement made by the Şanlıurfa Governor’s Office regarding the incident, the following was recorded:

“After the family doctor said that he could not prescribe medication without seeing the patient, the verbal attack of the patient’s relative turned into a physical attack, and law enforcement officers were called to the scene. Two people who were determined to be involved in the incident were detained. A judicial investigation has been launched regarding the incident. We strongly condemn the attack against our healthcare professionals who work devotedly. We wish the incidents not to be repeated again, and convey our best wishes to all our health organizations.”

On the other hand, Provincial Health Director Mehmet Gülüm went to the health center and met with the family doctor who was subjected to violence and wished him well.

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