World2 Israeli ministers react to the government's listing of 6 Palestinian NGOs...

2 Israeli ministers react to the government’s listing of 6 Palestinian NGOs as terrorists

Israel Horowitz, who is a minister from Meretz, the left-leaning party of the coalition that forms his government, said in a statement on his social media account:

“These are well-known non-governmental organizations (NGO) and defining them that way is very problematic. (Defense Secretary Benny) Gantz and security agencies should provide evidence of this decision to the public. Israel must be very, very careful when imposing restrictions on Palestinian NGOs, as this will have implications in the political arena, in foreign relations and most importantly in the field of human rights.”

Environmental Protection Minister Zandberg told the Israeli Public Broadcasting Organization KAN, “Usually, human rights, the left and anti-occupation are associated with terrorism, but this is not the case here.” used the phrase.

The Israeli government yesterday called the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) announced that it had included 6 Palestinian human rights organizations, which it claims to be affiliated with, on the list of terrorist organizations.

According to the news of Israel’s Jerusalem Post, the Israeli Ministry of Justice, Zamir Prisoner Protection Agency, Law Al-Haq for Human Rights, Bisan Research and Development Center, Samidun Palestinian Prisoners Defense Network, Agricultural Labor Committees Union and the Palestinian Branch of the International Child Rights Defense Movement illegally had declared.

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