World2 16-kilogram squid caught in the net of Aegean fishermen

2 16-kilogram squid caught in the net of Aegean fishermen

Şahin Çakan, President of İzmir Fishermen Businessmen Association, AA correspondent, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli constantly emphasized that the effects of global climate change began to be felt in the seas, he said.

Çakan said, “The biggest proof of these is the giant caught in our nets. squids. Two giant squid, 1 meter in length and 16 kilograms in weight, were caught in the fishermen’s nets off the coast of Karaburun. Normally, the length of the squid we keep in the Aegean is about 15 centimeters. This is the first time I have seen this species in my 35 years of professional life.”

“We did not meet in Izmir”

Ege University Faculty of Fisheries Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Okan Akyol, on the other hand, stated that the effects of global warming in the seas are increasing day by day.

Providing information about the squid caught in the fishermen’s net, Akyol said, “We guess that the name of this squid species is Thysanoteuthis Rhombus. It is also called Diamond Squid. It is seen in the Mediterranean. We did not encounter this in İzmir either. “As the waters get warmer, the arrival of these species will increase. For example, we did not expect the lionfish to arrive so quickly. It came faster than we expected.” he said.

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