India'182 graves on school grounds, remains': Canada full of news again

‘182 graves on school grounds, remains’: Canada full of news again


  • Graves found again in Canada.
  • The tomb is adjacent to a school in the province of British Columbia.
  • Media reports say 182 bodies found

Ottawa: New tombs have been discovered near schools where indigenous children in Canada attended. The pits were discovered near a school in the province of British Columbia. Underground surveillance using radar found 182 graves.

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According to foreign media reports, the remains of children between the ages of seven and 15 were found in the graves. A detailed inspection of the area is ongoing. Some tombs are only three or four feet deep. These schools were run by the Catholic Church from 1912 to 1970.

Tribal children were reportedly killed in schools run by the Catholic Church. Pope Francis has said he is ready to talk to aboriginal communities in Canada over the discovery of graves on a school campus in the province of British Columbia. The meeting will take place on December 20 at the Vatican.

A similar incident had previously been reported in two residential schools run by the Catholic Church with the help of the government. Weeks ago, the remains of 215 children aged three and over were found on the premises of the Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia, which was closed in 1978. The remains of more than 600 children were found in pits around a residential school in the province of Saskatchewan from 1899 to 1997.

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Representatives of Canadian tribes First Nations, Metis and Inuit will visit the Vatican to meet with the pope. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has demanded an apology from the pope over the discovery of the remains of hundreds of children in areas adjacent to Catholic-run schools. He wants the pope to come to Canada and apologize.

Canada says pope should apologize for atrocities committed at schools run by Christian churches Around 4,100 children were reported dead at the school, which was operating in poor conditions.

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