India15-year-old man tries to rape girl in Kondotty; Malappuram SP says...

15-year-old man tries to rape girl in Kondotty; Malappuram SP says defense saved lives


  • Police are investigating whether the incident was planned
  • The girl escaped after a strong defense
  • He was hit in the head with a stone but was not injured

Malappuram: A 15-year-old man has been arrested for trying to rape a girl at Kuttukkara near Kondotty. Malappuram SP Sujith said that the accused pleaded guilty. The accused will be produced before the Juvenile Justice Board as he is a minor. Defendant has further questions regarding the incident. The Malappuram SP said that it was necessary to check whether there was any planning in the incident and the accused would be arrested soon.

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The 10th class accused is a district level judo champion. Police said the girl escaped from the healthy assailant because of strong resistance. The accused had pressed well on the girl’s neck. He escaped from a situation where death could have occurred. The SP said he was hit in the head with a stone but suffered no major injuries.

Defendant sustained nail wounds to his body, neck and lips during the attempted rape. When the accused reached home, the family was inquiring about the nature of the injury. Defendant replied that he fell and was injured when he ran to bite the dog. The accused tried to rape the girl after chasing her for a long distance. The SP said the girl was attacked when she approached an unoccupied banana plantation.

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The accused, who attacked from behind while walking, abducted the student girl and tried to rape her. The accused tried to take the girl to a banana orchard in the field and tear her clothes. He was handcuffed and beaten on the head with a stone when he tried to rape her. He escaped death by turning his horse. The accused chased the girl who fled the scene but the girl escaped as she ran to a nearby house. The girl was rushed to the hospital with the help of her family. The girl was admitted to Kondotty Taluk Hospital and later to Manjeri Medical College. The girl returned home after treatment.

Attempt to tear clothes, hit on head with granite; Walked towards the girl in Kondotty!