India'15-year-old girl raped with drugs'; Torture complaint against Congress MLA's son

’15-year-old girl raped with drugs’; Torture complaint against Congress MLA’s son

Jaipur: A minor girl has been booked for allegedly raping the son of a Rajasthan Congress MLA. Rajgarh: A 15-year-old girl has lodged a complaint with the police against Deepak Meena, son of Alwar MLA Johari Lal Meena. NDTV reported that police said the case was registered but no arrests had been made.

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The girl had lodged a complaint with the police on March 20 last year alleging that she was taken to a hotel, drugged, unconscious and raped. According to the complaint, Deepak stole gold and money after being sexually assaulted. The 15-year-old girl had lodged a complaint with the police alleging that he had threatened to release the pictures on social media if the torture information was leaked.

The girl said that Deepak Meena threatened her and stole Rs 15 lakh. No arrests have been made in the case so far and the investigation is progressing, police said.

Rajasthan’s Ashok Gellot government retaliates for rape of minor girl The ongoing probe into the case and the fact that Deepak is the son of accused MLA Johari Lal Meena has put pressure on the Chief Minister, who is in charge of the home department. The BJP is trying to use the girl’s complaint as a political weapon.

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The BJP has ridiculed Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi for sending train tickets to visit women victims of crime in the state. Gellot retorted that Union Home Minister Amit Shah could be sent on a chartered flight to visit the state. Amit Shah is invited to Rajasthan to see the achievements of the State Government in the field of law and order and the drastic measures taken. Gellot said on Twitter that this would clear up the misconceptions spread by his party.

Senior BJP leader Jitendra Gothwal tweeted that the son of a Congress MLA from Rajasthan had raped a minor girl. He said the minor girl could not stand in front of the MLA’s authority.

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