India13-year-old girl sold to mother, boyfriend and friend in Aranmula; Defendants...

13-year-old girl sold to mother, boyfriend and friend in Aranmula; Defendants arrested

Pathanamthitta: In Pathanamthitta, a mother sold her 13-year-old daughter to her boyfriend and friend for money. News 18 Kerala reported that Aranmula police had arrested his mother’s boyfriend BP and his friend in the incident.

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A medical examination revealed that the accused had sexually abused a seventh class student. The accused were arrested on Wednesday evening while their stepfather lodged a complaint with the police stating that his daughter was missing.

The boy returned home Thursday morning while police continue their investigation. When the child returned, a medical examination revealed that the abuse had taken place. According to the report, the girl had given the money to her mother after receiving it from the accused.

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Bipin, the girl’s mother’s lover, is from Kayamkulam. He is a tipper lorry driver. The girl is reported to have mental problems. It is reported that the accused molested the child by giving him money. After the statement was recorded, the girl and her mother were shifted to a government shelter.

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