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112 emergency call centers answered 31 million 964 thousand calls in the last 3 months

According to the statement made by the Ministry of Interior, instead of calling 110 Fire Warning, 112 Sanitary Emergency, 155 Police Emergency, 156 Gendarmerie Emergency, 122 Alo AFAD, 177 Forest Fire Warning and 158 Coast Guard numbers, these numbers were combined under one roof at “112”.

112 emergency call centers, which were built in accordance with technology and started operating in 53 provinces last year, have been expanded to 81 as of June 2021. With the expansion of these centers throughout the country, 31 million 964 thousand 196 calls were answered in the last 3 months.

More than half of the calls to the 112 call centers, which are used in emergencies, were false calls. In 2020, 88 million 341 thousand 131 calls were received, of which 59 million 720 thousand 69 were unfounded. Those who want to “try phone”, “order food” as well as “Can I go out in isolation?” callers did.

In the 112 emergency call centers, which operate on a 24/7 basis with 11 thousand 478 personnel, calls are answered in four foreign languages ​​other than Turkish. Apart from spoken languages, the center also provides emergency call services to the hearing impaired with the 112 Accessible application in sign language.

The centers, which send Vefa Social Support Groups and Provincial and District Epidemic Control Center personnel (İSDEM) to the region, which is considered to be an emergency, ensure that the needs are met quickly.

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