World10 thousand 870 visually impaired people were employed in the public sector

10 thousand 870 visually impaired people were employed in the public sector

In Turkey, as of this year employment The number of visually impaired persons was 10 thousand 870.

According to the information obtained by the AA correspondent from the Ministry officials, approximately 2.6 million registered in the National Disability Data System in Turkey. disabled citizen exists.

215 thousand 76 of these people are visually impaired. The Ministry provides employment in the public sector as well as accessibility and rehabilitation services for the visually impaired.

In this context, the number of disabled civil servants, which was 5 thousand 777 in 2002, reached 58 thousand 520 as of this year. The number of visually impaired people employed in the public sector has reached 10,870.

Adaptation to social life is ensured through artistic, cultural and sportive activities.

On the other hand, in the rehabilitation centers for the visually impaired in Istanbul and Ankara, operating under the provincial directorates of family and social services, trainings on visual disability, psycho-social therapy programs and employment-oriented vocational training are provided to adult age groups.

In Istanbul Visually Impaired Rehabilitation Center and Yenimahalle Visually Impaired Center Directorate, mixed education and rehabilitation services are provided for 15-year-olds and older for 5-5.5-month periods.

In the centers, visually impaired people are also supported professionally. In this context, 2 thousand 979 visually impaired people who successfully completed basic education and rehabilitation services at the center in Istanbul received their certificates.

In the rehabilitation center in Ankara, a total of 1651 visually impaired individuals successfully completed the basic and vocational training of the institution and were entitled to receive their certificates. Thus, in the centers, 4,630 trainees successfully completed their vocational training and were certified.

In addition to these trainings, rehabilitation centers offer daily or boarding excursions and camps, fishing festivals, bowling tournaments, theater events and various artistic, cultural and sportive activities.

Thus, visually impaired citizens are given training on living independently without the need for the help of others, while various activities are supported to adapt to social life.

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