World10 spies arrested in Iran, 'target' on America and Israel!

10 spies arrested in Iran, ‘target’ on America and Israel!

Iran has arrested 10 people in a southern province on suspicion of having links to foreign intelligence services. IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency) news agency reported in a news on Tuesday that Iran’s intelligence agency arrested 10 people in Bushehr province after “state-of-the-art and continuous surveillance”. He did not name the countries to which these suspects belong.

The dialogue committee pointed to Iran’s enemies Israel and the US, saying these 10 people worked for “regional countries” whose intelligence services posed as allies or behind the scenes of intelligence agencies of “enemy countries”. has worked for them. The report said that these 10 people were Iranian expatriates in these regional countries.
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Detectives who have already been arrested
Iran said in July that its authorities had arrested members of a group linked to Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency amid ongoing water shortage protests in the country’s southwest. Iran said in 2019 that it had arrested 17 Iranians on charges of spying on the country’s nuclear and military sites for the CIA.

Iran angered by friendship between Azerbaijan and Israel
He had told that some of them were sentenced to death. Iran has strongly objected to the friendship between Azerbaijan and Israel. Some media reports have even claimed that Iran has closed its airspace for Azerbaijani military aircraft. Iran’s major concern is the presence of Israeli weapons near its border.