India1.95 million tonnes of coal delivered on Monday, a record; Union...

1.95 million tonnes of coal delivered on Monday, a record; Union Minister says there is no shortage


  • Record coal supply in the country
  • Coal is in stock for 22 days
  • 1.95 million tonnes delivered on Monday

New Delhi: Coal Minister Prahlad Joshi on Monday said that a record amount of coal was distributed in the country on Monday. The minister said the record distribution came amid reports of a coal shortage in the country. He said all efforts were being made to supply the required coal in the country and there was a stock of coal for 22 days.

The minister said there was a shortage of coal in the country amid fears that it could lead to energy crisis in various states.

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“Yesterday alone, 1.95 million tonnes of coal was supplied. This is a record distribution so far. Coal supply will continue to increase. With the end of the monsoon season, it is expected that the supply of coal will increase exponentially. Prahlad Joshi said.

The target is to supply up to two million tonnes of coal by October 21, the Coal Minister said. A high-level meeting chaired by Union Home Minister Amit Shah was convened yesterday to discuss the power crisis following the coal crisis.

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Prahlad Joshi said that the supply of coal will be ensured as per the demand of the country. Meanwhile, there are reports that the Prime Minister’s Office will assess the country’s coal supply. This is in the same context in which more than six states have raised concerns about load shedding.

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Earlier, Prahlad Joshi and RK Singh had said that there was no shortage of coal and no power crisis in the country. According to Prahlad Joshi, the country’s thermal power plants have enough coal for the next three weeks.

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